ICYMI: "What happened to Legislature's job focus?"

Apr 06, 2014

As the latest economic data from the state Department of Workforce Development shows that unemployment is up in 69 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, the Appleton Post Crescent is questioning the Legislature’s promise of a “laser-like focus on jobs”.

Wisconsin is ranked 35th in the nation in job growth, and the latest jobs data shows the state was second in the nation in job losses in February.

“A whole bunch of legislation passed in the final days — the Senate alone passed more than 50 bills on Tuesday, its last day in session. There were bills that were worthwhile — an oral chemotherapy mandate for health insurers, for example — and puzzling — was there really a push to stop 17-year-olds from officiating weddings? But what was most striking about the close of the session — and the session as a whole — was the lack of legislation on jobs,” writes the Appleton Post Crescent Editorial Board. The board concludes that “the “laser-like focus” on jobs that state residents were promised by their legislators was more like a flashlight on half-power.”

Scott Walker and state Republicans have only provided lip-service to job creation, leaving dozens of commonsense economic growth proposals from Democrats on the table in favor of a narrow, near-sighted conservative agenda.

Pay for play deals, attacks on women’s healthcare, restricting voting rights, neglecting to expand Medicaid, making it harder for veterans to seek justice in the courts, and making it easier for lobbyists to finance political campaigns will not create a single job for Wisconsin families. The Republican majority in the Legislature once again failed Wisconsinites during this session.

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