Statement of WisDems Chair Mike Tate on Scott Walker’s Re-Election Announcement

Apr 14, 2014

The following is a statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate on Scott Walker’s re-election announcement:

“Today, Scott Walker kicked off his campaign of absolute failure. By any measure, his trickle down, top down approach of tax cuts for the rich has failed. During his first term, we plummeted from the 11th best state in the country at creating jobs to 35th in the nation today.

“Since Walker has taken office, our state has ranked second to last among our Midwestern neighbors in job creation; we currently lag behind the rest of the country in job creation, creating jobs at nearly half the pace of the national average. Wisconsin is one of the five worst states for new business start-ups, and our rate of entrepreneurial activity declined in the past year.

“During his 2010 campaign, Scott Walker promised voters he would create 250,000 new jobs, and asked the people of Wisconsin to hold him accountable to that promise.

“Plain and simple, Walker has failed to create jobs and he’s failed as a Governor.”