The Paul Ryan Budget: A Cruel April Fools Joke

Mar 31, 2014

After coming under fire for his offensive remarks about lazy “inner-city” men being the cause of the poverty crisis in America, Paul Ryan today offered a budget proposal that looks more like a cruel April Fools joke than a serious plan to protect the economic security of the middle class.

Ryan offers more of the same failed policies that voters have rejected time and time again. The latest Ryan budget would end Medicare as we know it, raise taxes on middle class families with children by an average of at least $2000 while cutting taxes for households with incomes over $1 million, and repeal the Affordable Care Act – kicking millions of newly insured people off their healthcare plans.

Despite his lip service to combating poverty, the Ryan budget would slash $5.1 trillion in federal spending over the next decade, with deep cuts to crucial social safety net programs that Wisconsin families rely on to get by.

“Once again Paul Ryan has offered a budget that favors the millionaire and billionaires who fills his campaign coffers but does nothing to create opportunity and growth for middle class families,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “It’s not the culture of our urban communities that creates poverty. It’s dangerous, sophomoric Ayn Rand ideologies like the ones in Paul Ryan’s budget that keep people at the bottom from moving up and getting ahead. Come November, voters will again reject Paul Ryan and his disingenuous plan to combat poverty.”