ICYMI: Scott Walker's New Businesses Claim Fails

May 18, 2014

With his 250,000 jobs promise out of reach as Wisconsin ranks 9th out of 10 Midwest states on job growth, Scott Walker is promoting a new talking point that Wisconsin has created nearly 17,000 new ready-to-hire businesses on his watch — a claim that even Politifact says “fails” upon examination.

Politifact notes that “The count of newly registered “business entities” that Walker touts includes not only new ventures that bring new jobs, but thousands with no workers on the payroll at all — and little if any prospect of hires to come.”
Included on Walker’s list are thousands of nonprofit groups, like Girl and Boy Scouts troops, Little Leagues, scholarship funds, and condo associations, as well as out-of-state firms and even foreign land investors.
Politifact also notes that more than 80 percent of the newly created business entities during Walker’s term are LLCs, which are often created simply for tax and liability purposes and don’t actually employ, or plan to employ, anyone.
Read the Politifact analysis in its entirety here.