Scott Walker's Opposition to Raising Minimum Wage Hurts Wisconsin Workers and Families

May 28, 2014

Wisconsin continues to lag behind all but one of our Midwestern neighbors on job creation. While Governor Scott Walker spews outright opposition to raising the state’s minimum wage by even one cent, just yesterday, Republican Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder signed a common sense plan to implement a modest increase over the next four years.       

A Tea Party Republican, Gov. Snyder originally opposed raising wages for workers, but after signing the increase into law yesterday Snyder acknowledged the move was “good for the hard-working people of Michigan.” 

Thousands of hard-working Wisconsinites are still waiting on Gov. Walker and state Republicans to take up a proposal to raise the state’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour over a three year period. 

In Wisconsin, there is overwhelming public support to raise the minimum wage. The increase to $10.10 hour would help more than 300,000 people across the state struggling to pay bills, rent, and care for their families.  

Raising wages should be a no-brainer in Walker’s economy. The most recent federal jobs data shows Wisconsin lagging behind the rest of the nation and our neighbors in the Midwest as we rank 9th out 10 Midwest states on job creation and 35th in the nation overall. We continue to struggle in terms of job creation, and Wisconsin families are the ones who feel the pain. 

“Even Tea Party Governor Rick Snyder has come to the light on raising the minimum wage to help more Americans get into the middle-class,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “People shouldn’t have to work two or more jobs just to provide for their families, but that’s the reality in many households in Walker’s Wisconsin. The bottom line is that Scott Walker isn’t creating the family sustaining jobs we need in this state. It’s about time he assume responsibility and take action to help the workers and families across the state suffering from his failures.”