Wisconsin Job Creation Continues Downward Slide Under Scott Walker

May 14, 2014

The latest jobs numbers show that 2013 was Wisconsin’s worst year for private sector job growth since Scott Walker took office, the latest indicator that Wisconsin is heading in the wrong direction under Scott Walker when it comes to job creation.

The Department of Workforce Development has released its final jobs numbers for 2013 — the “gold standard” QCEW figures — that show Wisconsin added just 28,006 new private sector jobs during the year, the lowest total yearly growth since Scott Walker took office. The 28,006 jobs added were good for a 1.2% increase in job growth, well behind the national 1.7% rate of growth, and trailing the previous year’s 1.4% rate of growth.

Other disturbing findings were that Wisconsin added just 1,712 manufacturing jobs, a 0.4% rate of growth in one of our state’s most critical employment sectors, and is still not back to pre-recession level employment, even as the national economy has recovered all the jobs lost and then some.

A broader comparison to other states’ 2013 job growth performance won’t be available until next month; however, the most recent data shows Wisconsin ranked 9th out of 10 Midwest states in job creation and 35th in the nation – down from 11th the day Walker took office – in overall job creation.

“Most people get better at their jobs the longer they do them, but three years in, Scott Walker has posted his worst jobs numbers yet,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “That’s because, with no real plan to create jobs, career politician Scott Walker has ignored the economic security of Wisconsin’s middle class in pursuit of furthering his own ambitions.”