Career Politician Scott Walker Plays Political Games With The Truth

Jun 26, 2014

After months of parroting a talking point that he couldn’t speak on the John Doe investigation into possible illegal coordination during the recall campaign, Scott Walker, a career politician, pulled a full flip-flop yesterday saying he didn’t discuss the probe previously because “we were winning in court.” 

For the past few months, Walker claimed state law prohibited him from talking about the John Doe probe and answering questions from the press. 

During an interview on May 28, Walker responded to questions about the John Doe investigation, saying, “As I pointed out before, the bottom line is, per the law, people who know anything about it are prohibited from talking about it, and people who don’t know anything about it shouldn’t be talking about it. So either way I don’t talk about it,” 

Days later in a June 1 interview with Mike Gousha, Walker said, “As you know, as I’ve pointed out many times in the past when we’ve talked about this, the law’s pretty clear in this state,” Walker followed  those comments with “Anyone who knows anything about a John Doe can’t talk about it.
Anyone who doesn’t know anything about it shouldn’t talk about it. So, I’ve not commented on the Doe itself because I’ve abided by the law.”

As the most factually challenged Governor in the country, Scott Walker’s claims were false of course, as evidenced by Politifact Wisconsin rating his statements “false” for suggesting that anyone with knowledge of information pertaining to a John Doe probe cannot speak publicly about it. 

After months of his misleading statements, carefully worded canned talking points, and outright lies we now know the truth: Scott Walker was simply playing his usual political games. 

Like a true career politician who knows all the tricks, Walker did a complete turn around in Madison yesterday, telling reporters that he had not previously discussed the John Doe prove because he was “winning in court.” 

“Scott Walker can’t even give a straight answer to the most basic questions concerning his involvement in what prosecutors see as a nationwide criminal scheme,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “This latest 180 degree turnaround is a classic tactic for career politicians like Walker to obfuscate the facts for the public. The people of Wisconsin deserve the truth once and for all.”