GOP Divided Over Reports of Scott Walker's "Disingenuous" Plot to Throw Fellow Right-Wingers Under the Bus

Jun 02, 2014

Scott Walker is looking to throw his fellow right-wingers under the bus in a blatant attempt to save himself amid a flurry of court filings and legal wrangling that shows just how deeply he’s entrenched in the John Doe criminal investigation into illegal campaign coordination, causing a major rift among Republicans in Wisconsin and across the nation.

In an anonymously sourced editorial last week, the normally Walker-friendly Wall Street Journal fired hard at Walker, breaking the news that Walker was looking to secure a settlement deal that would exonerate Walker in advance of a tough re-election battle and would require “wresting concessions” from his allies.

Walker would “tarnish” his image as a reformer , the WSJ says, “if he sells out the cause for some short-term re-election reassurance.”

Even right-wing radio squawker Vicki McKenna joined the WSJ in questioning Walker’s motives:

Walker himself came out with a Chris Christie-style exoneration that simply says he’s not a party to the federal lawsuit and couldn’t possibly settle in that case, but ignores the fact that he may absolutely be in talks to settle the state investigation.

But the faux journalists at Wisconsin Report note that some right-wingers just aren’t having it. Citing legal sources close to the probe, Wisconsin Reporter slams Walker’s response as having “an incredible tone deafness” to it and as “incredibly naïve, to the point of incredible.”

Wisconsin Reporter also quotes other conservative targets of the criminal corruption probe as having “expressed disappointment, anger and a sense of being sold out for political expediency.”

“The division and ongoing turmoil surrounding Scott Walker’s involvement in the latest criminal corruption probe alleging illegal campaign coordination is spreading like wildfire through right-wing circles,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “If Republicans start jumping off Walker’s sinking ship as fast as independent voters already have, he should just pack his bags and head home now before he does any more damage to our economy.”