ICYMI: Another “False” From Politifact For Latest Scott Walker Political Attack Ad

Jun 25, 2014

Scott Walker, the most factually-challenged politician in America according to the Truth-O-Meter, has earned another “False” from Politifact for his latest attack ad that blatantly lies about Mary Burke’s record as commerce secretary.

In response to the latest jobs numbers that show Wisconsin ranked dead last in the Midwest in job growth and bombshell court documents that reveal prosecutors have alleged that he is at the center of an expansive “criminal scheme,” career politician Scott Walker predictably reacted the only way he knows how – with a cynical and false ad attacking Mary Burke.

Walker’s ad attempts to link Mary Burke to “billions” of tax increases.

But the fact-checkers at Politifact rightly say “the ad misfires badly on the math and the blame game.” Not only does Walker’s math not even add up to the “billions” they cite in the ad, the Walker campaign attempts to tie Mary Burke to nine years of budget decisions even though she served as commerce secretary for less than three years

In contrast, Mary Burke today released an ad in response to Scott Walker’s latest, false attack ad which highlights how career politician Scott Walker operates – trying to obscure his record of failure on jobs and role in a nationwide “criminal scheme” with a smear campaign against his opponent’s record of success as a job creator and executive.

“Career politician Scott Walker has never won on his record, he’s only won by tearing others down,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “But as Wisconsin continues to learn more about Mary Burke’s record of success and her positive vision to get Wisconsin back to work, Walker’s politics as usual approach won’t be enough to erase the bad news about our last-in-the-Midwest record on job creation and his role at the center of a nationwide ‘criminal scheme.’”

Read the entire Politifact ruling here.

View Mary Burke’s ad here.