SHAME: Millionaire Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson Says Healthcare for Our Veterans is Too Expensive

Jun 11, 2014

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Ron Johnson’s vote against our veterans:

“Tea Party embarrassment Ron Johnson is so blinded by his devotion to a radical, Ayn Rand-ian brand of extremism that he cast one of only three votes against a measure to help veterans get the healthcare they need and deserve.

“The women and men who wear the uniform do so with dignity, courage, pride, and a willingness to sacrifice their own lives to protect our freedoms — as a nation we understand that ensuring access to quality healthcare is the very least we can do for them.

“So while 40 percent of Wisconsinites don’t even know who Ron Johnson is, 100 percent of Wisconsinites besides Ron Johnson know there is no cost too great when it comes to caring for our nation’s heroes.

“To be sure, votes like this exemplify why Wisconsin will return Ron Johnson’s seat to capable Democratic hands in 2016. But until that time comes, we can only hope Johnson fades back into obscurity rambling about sunspots and Googling birth control.”