ICYMI: Air Walker Takes Flight, But Its Okay, the Taxpayers Will Pay

Jul 02, 2014

As Mary Burke kicks off the holiday weekend in her campaign bus, the beginning of a statewide tour talking with Wisconsinites and sharing her positive vision to get Wisconsin back to work, Wisconsin Democrats are reminding voters that Scott Walker’s preferred method of state travel is by plane — and the taxpayers are often stuck with the bill.

Last fall, the Shepherd Express reported that Walker spent nearly $184,000 in taxpayer money flying on state-owned planes in just the first half of 2013.

According to the Shepherd, Walker most frequently flew between his two residences in Madison and Milwaukee, making the 75 mile trip 44 times between January and the end of June last year.

Walker also used the state-owned planes to visit campaign donors all around the state, including a visit to Wausau Paper — whose employees have donated more than $42,200 to Walker since 2009 — last January.

“Career politician Scott Walker sure spends a lot of days promoting his failed agenda on state-owned planes and private jets. Maybe all that time at high altitude has him confused about what it actually looks like when a real public servant travels the state to meet with Wisconsinites from every walk of life, not just the wealthy ones who write him big checks,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “No wonder a majority of Wisconsinites say Scott Walker doesn’t care about people like them – most of the state doesn’t fly the 75 miles between their two homes on the taxpayers’ dime.”