One Step Closer to Victory in November

Aug 10, 2014

Wisconsin voters go to the polls tomorrow weary of Scott Walker’s excuses for his failure to create the jobs that he promised. Under Walker, Wisconsin ranks dead last, tenth out of ten in the Midwest, in private sector job growth. Given the sobering economic conditions facing our state it should come as no surprise that more Wisconsinites are clamoring for a new direction every day.

In races across Wisconsin, up and down the ballot, voters will face a clear choice. Between the divisive, politics first approach of the Walker years that puts the special interests ahead of families and common sense, pragmatic leadership that works for the people of Wisconsin.

Mary Burke is poised to capitalize on the momentum of a terrific summer, leading among likely voters who know that her business experience is what Wisconsin needs to grow our economy and create jobs. Career politician Scott Walker, locked in the race of his life, looks to be crumbling under the pressure – flailing from message to message after being called out by his own supporters for his callous attacks on a great Wisconsin company.

Walker will clearly say or do anything to hold onto his office, but the truth is unavoidable, and increasingly clear to voters. Walker’s approach, top down, trickle down tax cuts geared to those at the top and special interests paired with deep cuts to education, has failed – which is why we find ourselves mired at dead last in the Midwest in private sector job creation.

In the Attorney General’s race, three progressive champions have stepped up to challenge Tea Partier Brad Schimel. Each Democratic candidate has pledged to work for the people of Wisconsin, ending the Tea Party stranglehold on the Attorney General’s office that has pushed through a crooked redistricting plot, an unconstitutional attack on voting rights, and continues to defend a hateful and unconstitutional law that keeps committed same-sex partners from getting married. Whoever emerges from the primary will instantly be the odds-on favorite to restore commonsense balance to the Attorney General’s office that puts the law to work for the people of Wisconsin instead of for big corporations and special interests.

At the Federal level, Democrats will hold Republicans accountable in every single district this November.

Kelly Westlund will send Sean Duffy back to the Real World. A great Democrat will challenge Paul Ryan and show southeast Wisconsin what real leadership looks like. And in the 6th Congressional district, voters will elect Mark Harris, a proven public servant who knows how to balance a budget and rise above partisan political fights without sacrificing progressive values.

With a slate of strong candidates, Democrats are poised to retake the state Senate and grow our numbers in the Assembly, ensuring Mary Burke and John Lehman have a legislature they can work with to create jobs and grow our economy.

There’s a lot at stake this November, and tomorrow brings us one step closer to the new direction we so desperately need.