Honesty and Integrity?

Sep 29, 2014

Yesterday, Scott Walker’s GOP partner-in-crime visited Wisconsin, and stayed as far as possible from reporters and cameras. While hiding from the media, Christie mentioned what matters is the “honesty and integrity” of the person sitting behind the governor’s chair. We couldn’t agree more. 
As both governors boast records that include not one, but two federal investigations, it’s more than fair to say that honesty and integrity aren’t exactly a hallmark of either administration. 

Chris Christie, his administration and his associates at the Port Authority of New Jersey, remain under federal investigation for Bridgegate. In addition, Christie is being investigated for misuse of $25 million in Hurricane Sandy relief funds. 

In Wisconsin, Scott Walker is under federal investigation for a suspected criminal scheme between Walker’s recall campaign and several conservative independent groups. The federal probe is Walker’s second investigation during his tenure as governor.  

As a result of the first federal probe into Scott Walker’s 2010 election campaign, six close aides and associates were convicted, including individuals who were present at the beginning of Walker’s political career. 
Among those convicted includes Walker’s closest political aide Tim Russell, who was convicted of embezzling money from veterans and whose domestic partner was convicted on a child enticement rap. Walker hired or promoted Russell eight times even after Russell had been fired for embezzling from another state agency. In addition, Kelly Rindfleisch, pleaded guilty to felony misconduct for doing campaign work while on duty at her government job as deputy chief of staff to then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker. 
Corruption and pay-to-play are better descriptors of Walker’s first term as governor. Last month, two pay-to-play schemes came to light as previously unreleased documents revealed that Walker benefited from $700,000 in campaign cash from out-of-state mining special interests. The influx of contributions showed  “an appearance of corruption,” according to a nonpartisan special investigator. News reports also revealed that a company owned by Walker donors was set to receive a $6 million award from Walker’s Economic Disaster Corporation. 
“Chris Christie thinks that he and Scott Walker have had similar governorships – and he’s right. With a pair of federal probes a piece, it’s clear they operate in the same dishonest fashion that should make voters question if Walker deserves a second term as governor,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said on Tuesday. “Wisconsin deserves better than a governor who has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into a criminal defense fund and turned state politics on its ear with countless pay-to-play schemes.”