Scott Walker & Chris Christie: GOP Partners In Crime

Sep 25, 2014

Scott Walker is set to campaign with political ally Chris Christie next week. Walker and Christie both have ambitions for higher office, but with Scott Walker facing the possibility of losing a re-election bid this fall, and both governors plagued by federal probes, the two are falling into the middle of a crowded 2016 field.  
On Wednesday, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a previous injunction halting a federal John Doe investigation. The investigation is Scott Walker’s second federal probe which looks into a suspected criminal scheme between Walker’s recall campaign and several conservative independent groups.  

Earlier this week, it was confirmed – after erroneous reporting by several outlets – that Christie, his administration and his associates at the Port Authority of New Jersey, remained under federal investigation for Bridgegate. Like Walker, Chris Christie owns a second federal probe as well. In addition to Bridgegate, the U.S attorney in New Jersey is also investigating whether Christie misused $25 million in Hurricane Sandy relief funds. 

Pundits once spoke of Walker and Christie in the same breath as potential Republican presidential nominees in 2016. 
Now Chris Christie is under intense and growing legal pressure, and Scott Walker is not only facing legal obstacles, but fighting for his political life as well. Walker is in a dead heat in the gubernatorial race with just weeks until Election Day, and facing the real possibility of losing his re-election bid for governor. These GOP partners in crime continue to watch both their ambitions for higher office fade away. 
“The question was once which of these two governors would earn the Republican nomination for president. Now we wonder if they are more likely to be indicted than appear on the national ticket in 2016.” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said on Friday. “But with two federal probes a piece the real question is which of these scandal-plagued governors will reach probe number three first.”