Scott Walker Has More Important Things To Do Than Create Jobs In Wisconsin

Sep 22, 2014

Less than a week after Politifact officially moved it’s rating of Scott Walker’s 2010 campaign jobs promise to, “Promise Broken”, Walker decided to abandon ship and focus on raising out of state money with national Republicans, instead of creating jobs.
The facts in Wisconsin under Scott Walker are staggering:

  • Wisconsin saw a loss of 4,300 jobs just last month;
  • Wisconsin only added about 100 jobs since May;
  • Wisconsin’s annual private sector job growth is averaging 1.35% compared to 2.2% nationally; and
  • Wisconsin ranked dead last, 10 out of 10, among states in the Midwest on job growth over his term.

And let’s not forget that under Scott Walker, Wisconsin now faces a nearly $1.8 billion structural deficit heading into the next budget cycle.
So as Wisconsin families struggle to find work under the damaging economic policies of Scott Walker, he decided the best campaign strategy is to leave the state and raise money in Chicago with national Republicans.
Wisconsinites want a Governor focused on issues important to them, not a Governor focused putting in face time with wealthy national Republicans, fueling rumors of his Presidential ambitions. For these reasons, in November Wisconsin voters will replace Walker with a Governor that has the job creating credentials the state has been waiting on for the past four years.