Sean Duffy Heads To Washington, Leaves Working Families Behind

Sep 16, 2014

After nearly four years in Washington, Sean Duffy still hasn’t found the time to represent working class families in Wisconsin. Duffy’s support of anti-middle class policies and tax cuts for those at the very top have become a hallmark of the Congressman’s record since taking office in 2011. 
Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District is still haunted by the perils of the great recession, posting high levels of unemployment and limited prospects for everyday citizens. Meanwhile, Sean Duffy seems completely ignorant of the reality his constituents face each day. 

Duffy voted for not one, but two Paul Ryan budgets which put special interests over public interests by calling for drastic cuts to crucial government programs and lopsided tax cuts for those at the very top. 

Much like his extreme, right-wing ally Scott Walker, Duffy is completely out of touch with the needs of everyday Wisconsinites. Duffy’s votes for the Ryan budget amount to a $2,000 tax hike on families with children, while at the same time cutting taxes for households with incomes over $1 million. 

Duffy’s votes for the Ryan budget are votes against the middle class, as the bill proposes deep cuts to food stamps and the social safety net – programs that residents in Duffy’s district rely on each month.

It makes sense that Duffy would vote for such an extremely austere and out of touch budget, as he clearly doesn’t understand the everyday struggles of the people in his own district. Despite making three times Wisconsin’s medium income, Duffy claimed to “struggle” on his $174,000 a year salary.

As Duffy rubs elbows with mega-rich, right wing donors like Sheldon Adelson, citizens in his home district are hungry for a real leader who will represent their interests in Washington – not the wishes of those at the very top. 

“Sean Duffy clearly has no interest in representing the working class people of Wisconsin. For nearly four years he’s voted against policies to strengthen the middle class time and time again.” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Mike Tate said on Wednesday. “In November voters will choose Kelly Westlund, a true leader and tireless fighter for working class families.”

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