WMC Ignores Roger Roth Pay Raise In Latest Baseless Attack On Penny Bernard Schaber

Sep 29, 2014

With momentum clearly on Penny Bernard Schaber’s side in the 19th state Senate district, Scott Walker’s reliable henchmen at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce have swooped in with a completely false television attack ad that lies about Penny’s record in office.

The WMC television spot, which the Bernard Schaber campaign has requested be removed from the airwaves, alleges that Penny took a pay raise while serving her constituents – a demonstrably false claim.

But Bernard Schaber’s opponent, Roger Roth, did take a pay raise during his tenure in the state Assembly, a fact conveniently ignored by the right-wing special interests at WMC who are looking to elect another rubber-stamp for Scott Walker’s extreme agenda.

“’Honesty’ and ‘integrity’ might not mean much to big money special interest groups like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and their large corporate sponsors, but those values do mean something to the people of the Fox Valley,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “It’s clear that outside groups like WMC only have their own profit-driven interests in mind and will say and do anything to elect legislators who will do their bidding. Fortunately, the people of Northeast Wisconsin have a choice and their voices will drown out the special interest lies when they elect Penny Bernard Schaber to the state Senate.”