Brad Schimel Treats Public Safety As An Election Year Gimmick

Oct 08, 2014

In an obvious attempt to exploit local public safety efforts, Republican candidate for Attorney General Brad Schimel has announced a series of taxpayer-funded campaign photo-ops branded as a statewide “ride along” tour with local law enforcement.

Schimel’s idea of a “first of its kind statewide ride alongs tour” is nothing more than an election year gimmick that jeopardizes public safety by exploiting resources designated to protect the people of Wisconsin,”  Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday.   

“From Green Bay to Wausau, citizens are much better off when local law enforcement can dedicate their time and resources to protecting and serving citizens. Schimel’s self-interested gimmick takes law enforcement time away from protecting citizens and puts it squarely on partisan politics for his own personal gain.

“This is purely a campaign stunt on the taxpayers dime and the taxpayers’ time,” Tate said.  “Brad Schimel should campaign on his own time and stop wasting resources intended to protect Wisconsinites.

“The law enforcement officials he’s using as props need to be free to do their jobs protecting our communities — and he should be doing the job people elected him to do as Waukesha County district attorney. It appears he has been AWOL from that job and operating as a full-time candidate on the public payroll.”

The Democratic Party chronicled Schimel’s long and hypocritical history of self-interested decision making into a personal Wall of Shame, which highlights some of the most egregious examples of Schimel’s deal-making as Waukesha County district attorney.