Democratic Candidate For Congress Mark Harris Earns Major State Newspaper Endorsement

Oct 12, 2014

Democratic candidate for Congress, Mark Harris, earned the first major newspaper endorsement of the Sixth Congressional District race this weekend. 

The Wisconsin State Journal, one of Wisconsin’s leading newspapers, has endorsed Democratic candidate for Congress Mark Harris in the Sixth Congressional District.   

The State Journal looks to Harris’ record as a businessman and county executive to back up their endorsement, “A moderate Democrat and businessman who has led Winnebago County government, Harris is a whiz on tax policy and budgeting. His sincerity and creativity should help Congress find workable solutions.”

In contrast, the paper calls Republican challenger, Sen. Glenn Grothman, “too ideologically rigid” and someone who “would add to partisan gridlock.”   

Grothman, who has played hide-and-seek with Wisconsin media in the last few weeks of the campaign, owns a record of outlandish remarks and extreme policy positions which only stands to add to the divisiveness and gridlock in Washington.

“The Wisconsin State Journal got it right with their endorsement, Glenn Grothman’s extreme approach to governing is not what Wisconsin needs in Congress right now,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said on Monday. “Mark Harris’ practical approach comes from his private and public sector successes. Harris has the experience needed to address the big problems our country faces.”