GOP Assembly Candidates Pick up their Pace of Implosion

Oct 20, 2014

With just 14 days left until the election, the list of Republican candidates whose words, positions and actions threaten to doom their campaigns grows almost daily. The growing list of Republican candidates for the State Assembly with inappropriate conduct raises serious questions about the quality of candidates Republicans have recruited, their fitness for office and how their backgrounds were vetted.

“Once again Wisconsin is seeing the extreme positions many of Assembly Republican candidates personally hold come to light, even if they’d rather we didn’t know,” Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate said on Tuesday. “In just the last month, five Republican candidates have found themselves in the media trying to explain their words and actions. Robin Vos should make clear whether or not he and the Republican Party will continue to stand by these candidates.”

Recent incidents involving Republican candidates for the State Assembly include:

September 17, 2014

Jacob Dorsey, Republican of Janesville (AD 44), dropped out of the Assembly race after making disparaging comments on Twitter about gays and African Americans.

October 3, 2014
Tracie Happel, Republican of Onalaska (AD 94), was caught plagiarizing extensive language from another candidate to use on her own webpage.


October 18, 2014
Scott Espeseth, Republican of Milwaukee (AD 7), caught making racist and misogynistic comments online.


October 19, 2014               
Nancy Vandermeer, Republican of Tomah (AD 70), extremist position to arrest Federal employees for doing their job is called illegal and treasonous by a policy expert.


October 20, 2014
Todd Novak, Republican of Dodgeville (AD 51), gets favorable treatment using his “Mayoral Pass” to avoid drunken driving arrest and public urination prosecution.


“The important question that must be asked is: do Robin Vos and his Republican colleagues who have supported these candidates, continue to stand by the candidates, their actions and extreme words?” Tate added. “What else might we learn about these candidates or others in the last few days before the election?”