ICYMI: Outgoing GOP Sen. Dale Schultz says Dem Pat Bomhack is the “Right Fit” for the District; Howard Marklein is ‘“Out of Step with the District”

Oct 29, 2014

Outgoing Republican state Sen. Dale Schultz has been fairly quiet about the race to succeed him in the 17th district, but in a series of recent interviews Schultz has opened up about the two candidates running to replace him and who will best continue his tradition as an independent voice for the people of south central Wisconsin.

Namely, Schultz’s comments clearly showcase that he feels the Democratic candidate — Pat Bomhack — is the “right fit” for the district, while extreme Republican candidate Howard Marklein is “so out of step with the views of (his) constituents.” 

Some key excerpts include: 

“Schultz has taken offense from Marklein’s claims of independence. Asked about Marklein’s campaign on the Drive Home with Sly radio show this week, Schultz said, ‘Look, when Howard Marklein says he’s an independent to me it’s like the Russian News Agency saying they’re independent of Vladimir Putin. It’s just not believable when you look at his record.’” [1]

“Dale has said, ‘Of the two guys running to replace me, Pat Bomhack’s views are the most similar to mine on issues like rural schools and hospitals, mining, local control and an honest accounting of our state budget. Clearly he’s the right fit for the district,’” said Allbaugh. “Dale has also said he felt Howard Marklein was ‘out of step with the district.’” [2]

“When pressed by Sly on whether he really felt Howard was independent, Dale said, ‘Look, Howard Marklein saying he’s independent is like the Russian news agency saying they’re independent of Vladimir Putin, it’s just not believable when you look at his voting record. The guy has voted the party line 99% percent of the time, and about the only time he voted no was 45 seconds after he voted yes on the budget to move it to final passage.’” [2]

“Schultz refused to endorse Marklein in January, saying, ‘Howard made it clear in his announcement challenging me that his top two reasons for doing so were my votes on Act 10 and mining. It’s pretty difficult to support someone who’s so out of step with the views of my constituents on major issues they care deeply about.’” [2]

“When asked by Sly if Dale was endorsing (Bomhack), Dale said, ‘I think people are smart enough to read between the lines, and I encourage them to do their research and come to their own conclusion.’” [2]

“Whether they voted for a Democrat or a Republican at the top of the ticket, the people of the 17th state Senate district saw fit to return Dale Schultz to office time and again because they choose their representatives not based on a rigid partisan ideology but by a commonsense belief that their interests are best served by an independent voice,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Clearly, Schultz has recognized that there is one candidate, Democrat Pat Bomhack, who will continue in his tradition of acting as an independent advocate for south central Wisconsin, and one candidate, Howard Marklein, who will act as a rubberstamp for an extreme Tea Party agenda. We’re confident that on Election Day voters will agree with Dale Schultz, who they’ve trusted for years.” 


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