Office of Lawyer Regulation Dismisses Complaint Against AG Candidate Susan Happ

Oct 13, 2014

Yesterday, the Office of Lawyer Regulation dismissed a complaint against Democratic candidate for Attorney General Susan Happ. For weeks, Brad Schimel and state Republicans have trumped up a fake scandal in an attempt to discredit Susan Happ and distract voters from the issues. 
From the moment the story broke, Happ maintained the case was handled correctly in accordance with the rules of the State Supreme Court. Happ was properly screened off from the case and had no involvement in it. Now we have independent confirmation by the Office of Lawyer Regulation that Happ acted properly.

Schimel dismissed the OLR dismissal as “a letter from Madison.”  But when a Republican lawyer admitted that he had destroyed evidence in the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker’s campaign, Schimel filed no charges and let him off with a reprimand from – the Office of Lawyer Regulation.

Schimel and his right-wing allies, continue to beat a dead horse by continuing their baseless, and hypocritical, attacks on the Jefferson County District Attorney. While Happ’s history has been absolved by an independent, non-partisan, entity, Schimel’s history of letting sex offenders off easy and engaging in numerous play-to-pay deals is well documented by the Democratic Party.

“An independent organization has confirmed that Susan Happ did the right thing and there were no grounds for a complaint. This should put an end to the baseless attacks from Brad Schimel and the Republican Party, but it appears they still refuse to accept this verdict,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said on Tuesday. “There are only three weeks remaining in the campaign for Attorney General. What Wisconsin voters deserve going forward is a real discussion on the issues that matter, so they can choose the best candidate for the job.”