WisDems: Shocking Information Discovered on Brad Schimel’s Position on Women’s Reproductive Rights

Oct 23, 2014

A document from Wisconsin Right to Life uncovered Thursday reveals shocking new information about Brad Schimel’s position on women’s reproductive rights.  

The document outlines a legal strategy that would make abortion a crime in Wisconsin if Roe V. Wade is overturned, and Schimel, the Waukesha County district attorney and candidate for attorney general, is on the list of endorsers of the radical scheme.

“Yesterday we learned Brad Schimel  supports a legal strategy that seeks to make abortion a crime, even in cases of rape and incest,” State Rep. Chris Taylor said.  “Should  Roe V. Wade be overturned, he agrees with the legal strategy to make abortion in Wisconsin a crime.  Women who have had miscarriage could be investigated by police.  Doctors who provide abortions would be thrown in jail.”

 Brad Schimel has stated that he personally opposes Roe V. Wade. He has been endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life, although he does not include that in his website about endorsements.

“Women in Wisconsin should be appalled by this discovery.  Schimel’s extreme position on abortion is disturbing enough.  Now we find out that he is part of a strategy put together by an extreme organization that puts politicians in charge of women’s reproductive choices,” Taylor said.  “Wisconsin women need an attorney general who will defend their rights, not take them away.”

Click here for a link to the document. Brad Schimel’s name is on page 3.