Statement of WisDems Chair Mike Tate on the Senate Democrats’ Leadership Race

Nov 11, 2014

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on the Senate Democrats’ leadership race.

“Congratulations to our new Democratic leader, Senator Jennifer Shilling.

“We look forward to working with Sen. Shilling to win seats and reclaim the majority in the state Senate in 2016, so that middle class families will once again have a strong, effective voice that puts their needs first.

“The challenges facing our state are significant: our economic recovery continues to lag behind our neighbors in the Midwest and most of the rest of the nation, our schools are underfunded, thousands have been priced out of healthcare, and a shot at living the American Dream is out of reach for too many families. We’re confident that Sen. Shilling will lead Senate Democrats in tackling these problems head-on and working to move Wisconsin forward.

“I’d like to also say a big thank you to Senator Chris Larson for his leadership over the past two years. Being leader is a tough and demanding job, and Chris approached it with dogged intensity. His work has made Milwaukee, our state, and our Party better, and we know that Chris will continue to be a strong and visible voice for the progressive movement for many years to come in Wisconsin.”