Lack of Transparency Continues to Plague Scott Walker's Administration, Presidential Campaign

Dec 25, 2014

Despite four years ago promising to run the most open, transparent gubernatorial administration “in the history of the universe,” Scott Walker continues failing to live up to his commitment even as his rival for the GOP presidential nomination is voluntarily releasing hundreds of thousands of emails from his time in office. 

Earlier this month, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush released hundreds of thousands of emails from his time in office, emails the Washington Post describe as showcasing the former governor’s “intense, detail-oriented engagement as an executive.”

In contrast, Walker refuses to answer questions about which records he will release and when, and in fact, is deflecting on whether he’ll even release records at all. At the same time, Walker is denying open records requests and breaking campaign promises on accountability. 

“Given Scott Walker’s history of criminal investigations, staff convictions, and refusals to honestly address even the easiest of questions, it’s no surprise that he’s failing to live up to his commitment to openness,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “And it’s also no surprise that Jeb Bush’s moves for total transparency will cause major problems for Walker as they both seek the GOP presidential nomination.”