Scott Walker Adds Jobs (in Iowa)

Jan 22, 2015

As Wisconsin lags most of the nation in wage and private sector job growth, Scott Walker is going on a hiring spree — for his presidential campaign.

The Des Moines Register is today reporting that Walker has hired a prominent GOP strategist with ties to Iowa to assemble his team in the important early caucus state, to include hiring a state director, pulling together endorsements, and building a donor network. Earlier this month Walker confirmed the hiring of national GOP strategist Rick Wiley, a former executive director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, to serve as campaign manager for his presidential bid.

Today’s hiring news comes as Walker is slated to appear in Iowa this weekend at the Iowa Freedom Summit in Des Moines, a far-right event hosted by Iowa Congressman Steve King, who recently came under fire for referring to a 20 year old college student who was a guest of the First Lady at the State of the Union as “a deportable.” Walker is also scheduled to attend a donor event hosted by the Koch brothers in California this weekend and a GOP event in another early primary state, New Hampshire, later this winter.

“After more than four years in office it’s nice to finally see Scott Walker paying attention to jobs, but it would be better if he was more concerned with adding jobs in Iowa County, Wisconsin than in Iowa state politics,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “Wisconsin is getting short-changed when our governor cares more about workers in New Hampshire and Iowa than in New Glarus and Ixonia.”