Wisconsin is in Scott Walker's Rear-view Mirror as He Campaigns for President

Jan 12, 2015

Following is a statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in advance of tonight’s State of the State address.

“Wisconsin is in Scott Walker’s rear-view mirror as he begins his campaign for president. For the past 12 months Walker promised Wisconsinites that he wanted to be our governor for the next four years, but in the eight days since his second term began we’ve heard more about Walker’s plans to run for president than his plans for how to help working Wisconsin families. 
“Instead of pandering to primary voters in Iowa or taking cheap shots at his political rivals, Walker must tonight address how he will work to fix the state’s staggering $2.2 billion deficit and raise our low, stagnant wages so we can compete with our neighbors in the Midwest. There are real challenges facing our state but we also have real opportunities to help average working families – if the governor is willing to spend his time doing the job he was elected to do, not campaigning for the job he wants.”