ICYMI: With Wisconsin's Budget in Crisis, Scott Walker Opens Iowa Campaign Office

Feb 09, 2015

Scott Walker might be out of the country, refusing to answer questions from the press, but he’s still making headlines back in Wisconsin with the news that he opened a new campaign office — in Iowa.

The Des Moines Register is reporting that Walker has opened an office in Urbandale, Iowa, making him the first 2016 presidential candidate to put staff in the critical early caucus state. An adviser to Walker said the office was meant “to engage with the citizens of Iowa.” 

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following comment on Walker’s Iowa office:

“With the state’s budget in crisis due to his fiscal mismanagement and the UW System bracing for a crippling $300 million cut, Scott Walker has spent more time and effort making plans to talk to Iowans than Wisconsinites. Unfortunately that’s not surprising – Walker is a perpetual candidate for office and master political opportunist who doesn’t care about the mess he leaves behind.
“But with his Republican Party in disarray in Wisconsin and a growing deficit that isn’t going away just because he’s out of state, Walker has to face real problems back home that won’t be overcome with phony populism or by pandering to special interest groups.
“Wisconsinites elected Scott Walker to do a job and it isn’t ‘engage with the citizens of Iowa.’”