Is Sexual Assault on College Campuses a Joke to Scott Walker?

Feb 26, 2015

Lost until now among the other harmful provisions in Scott Walker’s budget is a proposal that deletes the requirement that colleges and universities report instances of sexual assault on campus to the Department of Justice.

Information contained in a report released yesterday from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau details the proposal, which has no fiscal impact, that relates to sexual assault information and reporting. Under Walker’s plan, colleges would no longer be required to provide newly entering students with information about sexual assault, faculty or staff who witness or receive a report of sexual assault would no longer be required to report the incident to the dean of students, and institutions would no longer be required to report statistics on sexual assault on campus to the Department of Justice.

Details on Walker’s proposal to weaken resources available to victims of sexual assault come just weeks after Rush Limbaugh made the reprehensible comments that Scott Walker should explain his leaving Marquette University more than a year short of earning his degree by saying he didn’t want to be accused of rape. Limbaugh also commented that liberals were trying to “create this rape culture” on college campuses. Despite Limbaugh’s remarks getting considerable press attention, to include an examination from PolitiFact Wisconsin, Walker has yet to denounce the comments.

“Scott Walker has never condemned Rush Limbaugh’s disgusting jokes about sexual assault — does his inexplicable plan to eliminate sexual assault reporting requirements mean he agrees with Rush that the victimization of women on college campuses isn’t an important issue?” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Melissa Baldauff said Friday. “Or is this another so-called ‘drafting error’? One in four college women will be sexually assaulted during our academic careers — this is a serious issue that deserves more time and resources from politicians like Scott Walker, not less. Scott Walker needs to explain why he would make these changes that protect rapists and silence victims.”