Walker Shocker:

Abysmal Fundraising Numbers After Years of Campaigning, Week of Missteps


MADISON - The flailing campaign of Scott Walker reported this weekend fundraising figures that point to a statewide lack of enthusiasm for the failed Milwaukee County executive.

After running for governor for more than five years, Walker reported raising just $1.79 million in the past six months, an abysmal figure for the supposed front runner in a race where the GOP candidate supposedly is favored.

Walker reported having $2 million on hand, which means he spent a whopping $800-900,000 during this period, burning through money at a staggeringly high rate.

"It looks like he manages his campaign almost as badly as he manages Milwaukee County," Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said. "Even an eternal candidate like him must understand that voters in Wisconsin aren't going to fork over campaign cash to someone whose list of failures and record of mismanagement just keeps on growing."

The shockingly low numbers come after a bad week of news for Walker, from public safety flip-flops exposed to the $2 billion in debt with which he's saddled Milwaukee County that was highlighted in a nonpartisan report.

Compared to the bad six months for Walker, Tom Barrett, meanwhile, raised $750,000 in just six weeks.

"If people are looking for a mature leader who can solve problems and create jobs, it looks like Wisconsin's money's on Tom," Tate said.




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