The Tea Party Is Over

GOP Handmaidens Won’t Renounce Hate

MADISON-In the wake of a bizarre altercation at criminal fundraiser Mark Block's Tea Party event in the Wisconsin Dells earlier this month in which the police were called, Republican Congressional candidates Dan Mielke and Sean Duffy have refused to distance themselves from the jarringly hateful words and actions of the fringe movement they serve.


Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Wednesday demanded that Mielke and Duffy denounce the poisonous rhetoric and actions of their “Tea Party” confederates. 
Over the weekend in advance of the passage of historic health care reform, Members of Congress 
were spit oncalled racial slurs and otherwise threatened by groups associated with the "Tea Party" movement. Around the nation, reports are accumulating of bricks being thrown through windows and members of ethnic minorities being intimidated by members of the group. 
Back in the 7th Congressional District, Mielke and Duffy, handmaidens to the "Tea Party" crowd, each are trying to out-do each other in intolerance over what they call the "homosexual lifestyle." 
"By failing to distance themselves from the darkest corners of American history, Dan Mielke and Sean Duffy are embracing an intolerance that has no place in the north woods," Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. "To remain silent in the face of intolerance is one thing. To actively promote it is infamous."