Wednesday, March 31, 2010 

New Video Reveals Depth of Scott Walker’s Infrastructure Failures

Milwaukee County home to worst road in the state;
his County Courthouse crumbles

MADISONScott Walker talks a big game on infrastructure, but his own record is terrible.  Milwaukee County’s facilities are literally falling apart under Scott Walker.

Under his failed leadership, nearly $300 million in much-needed repairs and maintenance on County bridges, dams, and buildings have been pushed back, and Walker has let fully-funded highway maintenance positions sit vacant.  He oversees the ‘worst road in the state of Wisconsin,’ and now concrete hunks from the County Courthouse – his office – are plummeting to the sidewalk.

A new video highlights Walker’s crumbling courthouse.  Check it out here:

“We shouldn’t be surprised with Scott Walker’s infrastructure inadequacies, since he is the guy who supported cutting $6 million for road construction projects while in the state legislature,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate.  “While Walker talks the talk, Tom Barrett walks the walk – investing four times more in road investments than Big Talker Scott Walker.”