Scott Walker Running Mate "Abruptly" Cancels Interview

MADISON- After ducking any and all debates with her Democratic counterpart, Republican lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch on Wednesday "abruptly" canceled a television interview with Milwaukee's WTMJ 4 after debuting a misleading ad that inadvertently drew attention to her and Scott Walker's taxpayer-funded health care, and other gross hypocrisies.
As the wife of a state legislator, Kleefisch receives $20,000 annually in government-run health care - even as she untruthfully accused Tom Barrett of supporting a "government takeover" of health care.
The latest example of Republicans shading their record from the press comes after Scott Walker's campaign chairman killed the release of a report showing Milwaukee on the brink of bankruptcy; after Scott Walker refused to release his college transcripts; and after Walker refused the request of his county's own auditor to release a report that underlines the systemic failure of Walker's mental health hospital.
What questions was Kleefisch refusing to answer, what topics didn't she wish to discuss?

-The fact that she believes it's ok for taxpayers to foot the bill for her and Scott Walker's health care while at the same time demonizes taxpayer-sponsored health care in false political attacks?
-That her and Walker's extremist opposition to lifesaving stem cell research has put lives and Wisconsin jobs at risk?
-That Walker's proposed assault on BadgerCare would put tens of thousands of women and children at risk?