MADISON - In an effort to highlight key considerations for voters in the Northwestern part of Wisconsin, the DPW is this week launching an educational campaign called You Need to Know.  The series will share hard facts about Republicans Tom Larson, Kathy Bernier, Warren Petryk, facts voters must keep in mind when they go to the polls November 2nd.

This week, you need to know

Fact #1: Tom Larson of Colfax has pledged to repeal tax reforms that have forced massive corporations to pay their fair share.  Republicans like Larson want to reopen the legal loopholes that help huge corporations evade income taxes, while Democrats are committed to real tax relief for middle class families. Democrats stood up to Wall Street and closed this shell game, but Republicans want to start it up again.  

“Republicans like Tom Larson ignore the needs of middle class families by pledging giant tax giveaways for corporate special interests,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  “This is exactly the kind of policy that led to the economic downturn in the first place and jeopardizes our recovery today.”