WALKER CLAIM: Tough, But Prudent, Decisions Mean We Can Invest in Wisconsin: "We made tough, but prudent, decisions to get our fiscal house in order. Today, unlike the federal government and many of our neighboring states, we have a surplus, which will allow us to invest in our priorities."
FACT: Scott Walker showed his priorities in his last budget – a $2.3 billion tax giveaway to corporations and the super-rich, more than a billion dollars in cuts to K-12 education – the largest in Wisconsin history, a nearly 17% cut to the UW-System, a 30% cut to vocational and technical skills, $133 million in fee increases, and a nearly $70 million tax increase on seniors and working families.
In 2010, Scott Walker promised to balance every budget using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). He’s since been caught in that world champion lie: Politifact in November 2011 noted that this was a Promise Broken. Using GAAP, Walker’s first budget proposal actually left Wisconsin with a deficit larger than the one he inherited.
Scott Walker has since promised to begin using GAAP in his upcoming budget, and he will begin with a $2.2 billion deficit, according to the Fiscal Year 2012 Comprehensive Annual Report submitted in December 2012 by Walker’s Department of Administration.