WALKER CLAIM: Mining for Jobs to Improve Life for Our Friends and Neighbors: “Our top priority is helping the people of our state create more jobs… A mine would be a lifeline to people in northwestern Wisconsin, where the unemployment rate in Iron County is the 2nd highest in the state at nearly 12 percent. But the benefits will be felt all across Wisconsin."

FACT: One of the many failures of Scott Walker that have led him to turn his back on his promise to create 250,000 jobs has been his inability to lead on a bipartisan mining bill.

And while mining legislation is important, those jobs are years off; the Legislature and Scott Walker must put away their extreme policies that have so badly divided Wisconsin and instead pursue legislation that will immediately help turnaround the jobs climate that has been so badly damaged by Republican extremism.

Scott Walker’s mining proposal appears to be the bulk of his jobs plan, despite the fact that the best, most generous estimates indicate that his proposal would create close to 5,000 jobs – nowhere near the more than 210,000 jobs Walker needs to meet his 250,000 jobs promise.