MADISON-After six close members of Scott Walker's political family were convicted of crimes associated with Walker in an ongoing criminal corruption probe, Walker partisans had suggested publicly that the John Doe investigation was winding down.

YESTERDAY was the filing deadline for an unprecedented criminal defense fund that Scott Walker has used to pay a criminal defense team, including lawyers who have represented ax murderers and mob bosses.
Scott Walker yesterday was seen to have transferred $40,000 to the criminal defense fund, contradicting his earlier suggestion - in a show of blatant interference with judicial independence - that the John Doe investigation was winding down.

FACT; Scott Walker has transferred another $40,000 into his criminal defense fund after suggesting that the criminal corruption probe that has entangled his entire political inner circle was coming to an end.
FACT: The Government Accountability Board has affirmed that a individual can only establish a criminal defense fund if THEY, or their agent, is UNDER INVESTIGATION, CHARGED WITH, or CONVICTED OF, violations of campaign finance and election laws. View the background from the G.A.Bhere and here.
  • Why does Scott Walker continue to have a criminal defense fund?
  • What relationship has Scott Walker had with the six individuals who have been convicted of crimes as a result of the corruption probe?
  • Does Scott Walker believe he will be charged with crimes?
  • Does Scott Walker believe he has violated the laws of the State of Wisconsin or of the United States?
  • Does Scott Walker believe the six convictions of people within his inner circle reflect well on his character?
  • Will Scott Walker make all materials related to his criminal defense available to the people of Wisconsin?