Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Melissa Baldauff on National Equal Pay Day.

“National Equal Pay Day is a reminder of how much work still needs to be done to ensure everyone can fully participate in our society and have a fair chance to achieve the American Dream.

“Contrary to the short-sight comments by Wisconsin Republicans that pay inequity is a ‘bogus talking point’ and that ‘money is more important to men,’ the fact is that women in Wisconsin make just 78 cents to a man’s dollar.

“That pay gap isn’t just unfair; it’s harmful to Wisconsin families who increasingly rely on women’s incomes and to our floundering state economy that ranks 35th in the nation in job growth.

“Paying women equally to men would be the biggest economic stimulus our country would ever see. It would mean more money in the average household checkbook and put an extra $200 billion into our economy every year, creating more jobs and opportunity in local communities.

“But instead of working to close the pay gap and boost our economy, Scott Walker moved Wisconsin women and families backwards by repealing Wisconsin’s pay equity protection law, leaving Wisconsin as one of only five states without such a law on the books.

“On Equal Pay Day and every day, we call on Scott Walker and his Republican Party to cease their opposition to equal pay for women and put an end to their War on Women that treats women as second-class citizens.”