Wisconsin Republicans Need to Answer for Their Vote Against Addressing Formula Shortage

Jun 02, 2022

Wisconsin Republicans Need to Answer for Their Vote Against Addressing Formula Shortage

MADISON, Wis. – This week, as Wisconsin Republicans in Congress are on congressional recess, you’ll probably hear them spew political talking points about the national shortage of baby formula. But what they won’t mention is that every Wisconsin Republican in Congress voted AGAINST a bill to ensure the Food and Drug Administration has the emergency resources they need to address this shortage. This latest obstruction is just another example of Wisconsin Republicans exploiting families’ struggles and then actively blocking legislation to solve them.

President Biden and Democrats have been working tirelessly to address this shortage – passing legislation to provide funding, invoking the Defense Production Act to boost supply, and working with the U.S. military to airlift in formula. Last week, Gov. Evers signed an executive order to prevent corporations from price gouging formula prices.

While Republican politicians try to blame anyone but themselves for the baby formula shortage, their vote against this bill makes it clear that Wisconsin Republicans in Congress care more about partisan politics than the families they’re supposed to represent. With that reality in mind, here are three questions for Republican Representatives Steil, Fitzgerald, Grothman, Tiffany, and Gallagher as they return home for recess:

  1. Do you regret opposing the bill to address the formula shortage?
  2. Democrats are passing legislation and President Biden is taking unprecedented steps by invoking the Defense Production Act and having the military fly formula in from overseas – what are you and your Republican colleagues doing?
  3. Why won’t you stand up for Wisconsin families struggling with this formula shortage?