Remember When Kevin Nicholson Backed Rubio Over Trump?

Apr 05, 2018

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Thursday, April 5, 2018
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#TBT: Remember When Kevin Nicholson Backed Rubio Over Trump?

Yet another unanswered question about dishonest opportunist Kevin Nicholson’s murky “political conversion” 

MADISON — Last July, Kevin Nicholson told conservative radio host Mark Belling that he voted for Donald Trump in Wisconsin’s 2016 president primary, explaining that he was certain “[Trump] was the only one that had a chance to win a national election.” 

But in November 2015, another Republican presidential candidate owned Nicholson’s heart — or at least his wallet.

That month, Nicholson donated $250 to Marco Rubio‘s presidential campaign, a significant indicator of support that Nicholson never replicated with respect to Trump. 

So… when did Kevin Nicholson all of a sudden decide that he was no longer supporting Marco Rubio and become Wisconsin’s biggest Donald Trump booster?

Nicholson, who’s compared Trump to Abraham Lincoln, won’t say. And that isn’t the only political transformation question that Kevin Nicholson has yet to definitively answer. 

Nicholson has racked up quite the record of dishonest and unproven claims over the past year — and that includes Nicholson’s refusal to say whether he voted for Obama or Clinton in 2008’s Democratic presidential primary. (Nicholson’s claim that he voted for neither is untrue). 

Who knows: maybe Kevin Nicholson will someday clear the air about his 2008 presidential primary vote and explain when he came to support Donald Trump over Marco Rubio. 

But, for now — as Nicholson continues to mislead Wisconsinites about much of the rest of his past — 
that seems about as likely as Nicholson agreeing to shake hands with Alex Walker.