Rep. Debra Kolste and Dr. Katherine Gaulke Praise the Affordable Care Act Ahead of VP Mike Pence Visit To Janesville

Mar 03, 2017

This morning, Rep. Debra Kolste and Dr. Katherine Gaulke from the Wisconsin Association of Free & Charitable Clinics, called on Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker Paul Ryan, and Secretary Tom Price to not repeal the Affordable Care Act and rip away crucial health insurance for millions of Americans. 

The Affordable Care Act is getting more popular by the day and Republicans have no plan to replace it.

“The main problem, that Republicans seem to ignore, is that they have no viable plan to replace the ACA and ensure that millions of Americans suddenly won’t lose their health plans. The truth is that any of their plans would leave Americans with worse care that is more expensive and harder to acquire,” said Representative Debra Kolste.  

It’s become a Republican talking point that the program isn’t working, but tell that to the tens of thousands of Americans getting care now that had no access before. On the contrary, healthcare experts from across the political spectrum have disputed the idea that the ACA marketplaces are experiencing a “death spiral.”

“We have received significant gains under the Affordable Care Act and we have seen our patients receive access to necessary medical procedures and also medications,” said Dr. Katherine Gaulke. “I remember a farming family where the husband had high blood pressure and he also had a heart attack. He and his wife knew they couldn’t afford to be uninsured, so they had been putting a $1500 a month premium on a credit card. When they visited us for enrollment assistance we were able to find their family of four a more comprehensive plan at only $400 a month after subsidies.”