Rep. Jimmy Anderson, CAW Executive Director Robert Kraig Call on Senate GOP Contenders To Admit Support For Trumpcare

Jun 27, 2017

On an afternoon call with Wisconsin media, Representative Jimmy Anderson and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Executive Director Robert Kraig dissected the newly released Trumpcare bill and implored candidates for U.S. Senate to make their position on the issue known to the people of Wisconsin. 
“If you want to run for public office, the public deserves to know if you support this bill. If you have a Super PAC like Kevin Nicholson, then you should take a stand on this bill,” said Representative Jimmy Anderson. “The Republican Senators’ Trumpcare is just as cruel as the House GOP’s version. It kicks millions of Americans off of their health care, raises out-of-pocket costs and reduces the quality of coverage, all in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.” 
Even as 22 million Americans are in danger of losing their health care insurance over the next decade under Trumpcare, potential Republican Senate candidates have remained silent on the issue. 
“Why not just state outright if you’re a supporter of this bill?” said Dr. Robert Kraig. “[Why not just admit] that you actually don’t believe it’s the federal government’s role to guarantee everyone has a place to get affordable health care and that you would rather give large tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans?”