Rep. Paul Ryan Failed First Real Test As Speaker

Jul 19, 2016

Paul Ryan was hailed as a budget expert during his time as Chair of the House Budget Committee and deemed a savior for House Republicans when he assumed power as the Speaker last year. However, in the first few months of his tenure, Ryan has failed to accomplish any meaningful legislation as Speaker, including his first big test: passing a budget on time. 

It’s been more than three months since House Republicans left Washington having missed a deadline to pass their long-stalled budget. In April, Ryan admitted to not having the votes to pass a budget this session – a black eye for a Speaker who promised a return to “regular order” shortly after being elected to lead the Republican-controlled House. 

With Ryan’s lackluster leadership thus far in the House and his lukewarm relationship with his party’s nominee, Donald Trump, it’s hard to imagine a more productive Congress during a Trump presidency.      
“Speaker Ryan promised ‘regular order’ once he was elected into House leadership, but it’s clear that Speaker Ryan can’t get his own house or his own party in order,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby said on Tuesday. “Unfortunately for households in Wisconsin and around the nation, Ryan has done more to bump heads with Donald Trump than he has to pass a budget that will benefit hard-working Americans.”