Rep. Sean Duffy Emphatically Supports President Trump's Cruel and Un-American Executive Order

Jan 31, 2017

America is not known for turning it’s back on the world, but that’s exactly what happened with the immediate implementation of President Donald Trump’s immigration ban targeting specific Muslim majority countries. Even as millions of Americans, including business leaders, express their displeasure with the law, Rep. Sean Duffy wasted no time jumping on President Trump’s cruel and un-American bandwagon.

In a statement to members of the press, Rep. Sean Duffy left no doubt that he supported the immoral and hypocritical immigration ban that specifically bans people from Muslim-majority countries.

Top Republican security experts have long said banning Muslims is a dangerous idea that endangers national security and does nothing to strengthen it. Former CIA Director General David Petraeus has said banning Muslims would be “totally counterproductive” and play directly into the hands of terrorist groups. Trump’s own current Secretary of Homeland Security Retired Marine General John Kelly opposed a Muslim ban in his recent confirmation hearings. And his predecessor, Republican former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge said banning Muslims would just “feed into the ISIS narrative.”

Trump’s anti-Muslim ban is targeting the wrong people: those who have already gone through extensive vetting that takes more than two full years to complete before a visa is granted and entry is allowed. Instead, we are treating our friends as our enemies. Over the weekend, CEOs of companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Airbnb shared their near-unanimous opposition to Trump’s order, citing humanitarian risks, national security risks, as well as economic risks:

“Americans are taking to the streets in droves because their core values of acceptance and inclusion are being attacked by their own Commander-in-Chief who is supposed to exemplify those very same beliefs, promote those values around the world, and of course, keep us all safe back here at home,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning said on Tuesday. “Rep. Sean Duffy should spend a little more time at home to reconnect with the values we share here in Wisconsin. Instead, he’s playing the same old Washington D.C. games that satisfy a small and fervent base, but betray our American values, and do nothing to keep Americans safe.”