Reps. Ron Kind, Gwen Moore, and Mark Pocan Slam Donald Trump's Continued Attack on Wisconsinites and the State's Economy

Aug 26, 2019

August 26, 2019
Contact: Philip Shulman,

Reps. Ron Kind, Gwen Moore, and Mark Pocan Slam Donald Trump’s Continued Attack on Wisconsinites and the State’s Economy

(WISCONSIN) — Today, Representatives Ron Kind, Gwen Moore, and Mark Pocanreleased a joint statement condemning President Trump’s tax bill that has done virtually nothing for Wisconsinites all while his trade war with China continues to harm Wisconsin’s working families. 

“Three years in, it’s clear that the policies of this President are not working for Wisconsin workers, farmers, business, and families. From his tax bill that only benefits the wealthy, to his reckless tariffs that are just a tax on working families, it’s more clear than ever that Trump has failed to keep his word to Wisconsinites. 

“Ever since President Trump passed his tax-scam bill, we’ve been bracing for an economic downturn. He shelled out over $1 trillion to giant corporations and the richest Americans with a promise that it would boost our economy and would more than pay for itself. Well, President Trump has broken that promise, as companies have used the money to buy back stocks and reward their executives instead of boosting workers’ wages or expanding their companies to create more jobs. On top of that, we have seen no more than 5% of the growth needed for this bill to pay for itself.

“And now because of President Trump’s chaotic trade war with China, the likelihood of a recession grows everyday. The number of economists and Chief Financial Officers who believe our economy will start spiraling downward continues to grow. But here at home people are already feeling the pain. Despite claiming right here in Wisconsin that farmers are ‘over the hump,’ we see across the state — from Eau Claire to Madison to Milwaukee — that farms, manufacturers, and small businesses are really struggling. He is ignoring the very real and tangible pain that our state is feeling and we believe it will only get worse if he continues down this path. 

“We will continue to fight for our communities and our state against the president’s destructive policies and urge him to actually listen to the people who are suffering most. Even if President Trump isn’t, we are determined to not let history repeat itself.”

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