REMINDER: Wisconsin Republicans Are Against Tax Credits for Working Families

Feb 15, 2022


February 15, 2022

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REMINDER: Wisconsin Republicans Are Against Tax Credits for Working Families

MADISON, Wis. — Thanks to Governor Evers’ steady leadership, Wisconsin has a projected record-breaking $3.8 billion budget surplus — and while the common sense thing to do is return this money to Wisconsinites, we all know Republicans don’t have any common sense.

Gov. Evers has proposed getting working families the help they need right now, but Republican leaders have said they’re going to wait over a year to return taxpayers’ money — for political reasons.

The governor has called on the legislature to give a portion of the surplus back to Wisconsinites through the following programs:

  • $150 tax rebate for every Wisconsin tax filer and each of their dependents
  • Expand the Child and Dependent Care Credit, giving an average of $274 back to more than 100,000 Wisconsinites
  • Create a new $100 million Caregiver Tax Credit, benefiting approximately 370,000 tax filers
  • Nearly $750 million to improve education quality while keeping property taxes down

Gov. Evers’ plan has strong support across the state. AARP Wisconsin urged the legislature to pass the plan last week, saying it helps families and saves Wisconsin money by investing in caregivers.

Rebecca Kleefisch has previously said that Gov. Evers’ plan is a “non-starter” — showing that Kleefisch has no interest in helping parents, kids, or senior citizens; or lowering costs.

“Rebecca Kleefisch and Republican leaders have shown they would rather put partisan politics ahead of what’s right for Wisconsin,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Iris Riis. “This plan is a common sense solution — it will help families address rising costs, support small businesses, expand child care, and improve education quality, all while saving the state money. While Republicans plan to hold taxpayer funds hostage, Wisconsin can count on Governor Evers to fight to return the surplus money back to working families.”

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