While Republicans condemn Trump, Ron Johnson offers only "a wry smile"

Dec 11, 2015

While Republicans condemn Trump, Ron Johnson offers only “a wry smile”

Four days after Donald Trump’s offensive and disturbing call to to ban Muslims from traveling to the U.S., Senator Ron Johnson still refuses to say if he’ll support a Trump nomination even as his fellow Republicans publically denounce the New York business mogul and his candidacy.

Unlike Ron Johnson, who has compared his own campaign for U.S. Senate to Trump’s presidential campaign, other state and national Republicans have quickly condemned Trump. Today, Wisconsin GOP Congressman Reid Ribble said he will “not support Donald Trump for president of the United States, no matter what the circumstances.”

Trump’s comments are just the latest in a series of offensive statements that have made his campaign a lightning rod for criticism since its inception in June. Throughout his brief campaign, Trump has repeatedly offended and alienated Latinos, women, and Muslims with its ideas and extreme rhetoric. Despite this, Ron Johnson has seen no reason to jump off the Republican frontrunner’s bandwagon, telling reporters this week that they would get nothing more on the issue “other than a wry smile.”

“While others make it plain whether or not they will support a Trump candidacy, Senator Ron Johnson offers only wry smiles that hide his true position,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Kory Kozloski said on Friday. “It’s rare that we agree with Speaker Ryan or Rep. Ribble, but the voters deserve to know if Senator Ron Johnson will support a Donald Trump and his extreme, divisive agenda.”