BREAKING: 32% of Wisconsinites Would See A Tax Increase Under Republicans’ Plan

Mar 08, 2022


March 8, 2022

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BREAKING: 32% of Wisconsinites Would See A Tax Increase Under Republicans’ Plan

A new analysis from a non-partisan think tank shows Florida Senator and NRSC Chair Rick Scott’s Republican agenda would raise taxes on tens of millions of Americans

MADISON, Wis. – The Republican Party is continuing their brazen attacks against working families, with their new platform to “raise taxes on as much as half of the country,” including Wisconsin seniors. According to new data released yesterday from a non-partisan firm, the Republicans’ economic agenda – which they have promised to pass if successful in this year’s midterm elections – would raise taxes on 32 percent of Wisconsinites.  

Wisconsin Republicans have been quick to hop on this bandwagon, with Senator Ron Johnson calling the agenda a “positive thing.” Johnson has made a name for himself in Washington focusing on giving massive tax breaks to himself and his biggest donors, while standing against proposals that help working Wisconsinites. 

Republicans are making devastating decisions for working families at every level. Wisconsin Republicans in the state legislature are holding the state’s record budget surplus hostage – proving they’re willing to put their own political games over lowering costs and providing tax credits for working Wisconsinites. 

“It’s no surprise that the party of Donald Trump and Ron Johnson have unveiled an economic agenda that is disastrous for families and working people across Wisconsin,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Julia Hamelburg. “While Democrats have been laser-focused on lowering costs for Wisconsinites across the state, the Wisconsin GOP would rather raise taxes on 32 percent of Wisconsinites, hike up insurance premiums, refuse to return the state budget surplus to taxpayers, and strip away protections for the over 2.4 million Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions.”