Results are in on “the Ronald and the Donald”

Mar 29, 2016

Results are in on “the Ronald and the Donald”
As other Wisconsin Republicans run away from Donald Trump’s toxic politics and hateful rhetoric, Sen. Johnson is in such lockstep with the extreme fringe of his party that he’s going out of his way to embrace him here in Wisconsin – a gesture The Donald himself has noted. 

Yesterday news broke that Sen. Ron Johnson looked forward to campaigning with Donald Trump when he told CNN that Wisconsinites could look forward to “the Ronald (and) the Donald” show.
The Donald himself confirmed the budding bromance between Trump and Johnson when he told Wisconsin’s #NeverTrump champion Charlie Sykes that he chatted with Johnson just the other day and sang his praises.
So how did news of “the Ronald and the Donald” bromance go over?
Here’s Right Wisconsin’s James Wigderson’s reaction:

And here’s conservative columnist Christian Schneider from the MJS:

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