Ron Johnson Attacks Wisconsin Families

May 07, 2015

Johnson Helped Write Budget Cuts to Job Programs and Education Funding 

Multimillionaire Senator Ron Johnson continued his attacks on Wisconsin families by voting this week to cut job training and employment services for 40,100 Wisconsinites and to reduce Pell Grants for 117,000 Wisconsin students.

On Tuesday, Johnson rubber stamped a hyper-partisan budget that prioritizes the super wealthy and special interests over Wisconsin middle class families, students, and workers. The budget would slash support for small manufacturers, cut funding for Head Start, and provide tax breaks to the super wealthy on the backs of middle class families.

“An out-of-touch multimillionaire like Ron Johnson doesn’t understand the difficulties middle class Wisconsin families face,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Melissa Baldauff said Thursday. “His attacks on job training and college financial assistance prove he represents himself and the special interests who back him, not Wisconsin.”

Johnson’s vote comes after a recent town hall meeting where he insinuated closing American factories and moving their production to China is good for America’s economy.